About Den Xinh
Den xinh is a decorative lamp manufacture as architechture design, developed in 2002 with continuous efforts to become the leading Decorative Lamp manufacturer in Vietnam. Each project is an opportunity to accumulate more experience and con... Xem thêm
Typical projects

Ideal for fun and relaxation, FLC Luxury Hotel Samson is located in the Sam Son Beach area of Thanh Hoa / Sam Son Beach. The city center is merely 16 km away and the airport can be reached w... Xem thêm

Bich Dao Boutique Dalat
Gentle and romantic in the style of Provence in the south of France, Bich Dao boutique is a resort in Dalat, the city known as Little Paris. Villa area is located on a hill, Dinh III area, was chosen by King Bao Dai to build a palace as a... Xem thêm