Trang chủ/ Return and refund

Return and refund

10 Tháng 08, 2020

Den Xinh committed to providing products for customers in fact true of descriptive information and pictures posted on the website.

Den Xinh will be responsible for resolving if there are mistakes in the process of warehousing, freight.

That case, you can change - in Den Xinh delivery.

Change delivery conditions as follows:

1. Policy change delivery

- You need to change the reason detect paid within 5 days after receiving the goods.

- Parts, details, accessories must also complete and intact.

- Stamps / warranty, brand stamp, technical guidelines and the accompanying gifts (if any), etc ... must also complete and intact.

- From dirt, scratches, breakage, damage or strange smells or signs used.

Transportation costs, form of return/exchange customer by agreement with the customer care staff. If the reason for refunding the fault belongs to us, we will be 100% of transport costs.

2. Requirements change delivery

When wishing to exchange or return goods bought at Den Xinh, please contact us via (028) 2247.7328 / hotline 0703.767 899 or email: and let us know the following contents:

- Phone number you signed up to purchase goods.

- Contact phone number now (if not identical to the phone number above).

- Reason requires change, returned.

In some cases, we may ask some additional information from you to help the process of change, delivery takes place smoothly.