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Leading decorative lamp manufacturer in Vietnam.

Den Xinh is a registered trademark for decorative lamp manufacture as architechture design, developed in 2002 with continuous efforts to become the leading Decorative Lamp manufacturer in Vietnam.

Directly produced from traditional raw materials (silk, fabrics, rattan, wood, paper, ceramics, copper ...) combined with modern decorative materials (iron, stainless steel, acrylic, polyresin ...) Den Xinh wishes to bring customers diversified and abundance products, full of fine art and emotions in living space decoration.

With a staff of highly skilled, Den Xinh always meets the most stringent requirements in terms of art, technique, and other factors of each project. The experienced staff is always active and proactive in assisting customers. Each project is an opportunity to accumulate more experience and contribute more sophisticated products to the society.




- Always apply international standards of electrical safety
- The best quality for each type of material, according to the characteristics of the usage environment
- Product with convenient packaging for transport and storage at the operation area as well as at the store.
- Fast and conscientious warranty services.
- Create a full fill aesthetics and culture working environment for employees.

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Lighting up your feeling!
Den Xinh Lighting is a Vietnam lamp maker dedicating and passionating in creation more and more decorative lamps which contain high value on aesthetic and culture of peoples on earth.

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With well over a decade's worth of business experiences under its belt, Den Xinh has proven its adherence to a policy of honor and integrity.
We at Den Xinh strongly believe in maintaining our commitments and being honest and straightforward when interacting with clients and other business associates. It is this integrity that has gained the trust and respect of our customers, partners, and employees over the years, and we strive to preserve this faith by continuing to uphold our strong standards.

Trust & Respect
Den Xinh believes in the inherent goodness of its employees and trusts them to be responsible without a harsh form of management. By trusting its team members to keep the company's best interests in mind, Den Xinh sustains healthy and supportive working relationships with its employees, which results in a warm and inviting corporate culture. Talented human resources lay the foundation for the company's present and future accomplishment, and Den Xinh extremely values its employees and treats them all with the utmost respect. This humanitarian approach has ensured Den Xinh's success in the past, and we plan to maintain this outlook into the future.

At Den Xinh, we view teamwork as a major building block for our success. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when all team members work together toward a common goal. In addition to working as a team, each and every Den Xinh individual plays his or her own key role and offers unique contributions. Therefore, Den Xinh strongly encourages the development of each employee to his or her greatest potential, thus promoting both productivity and efficiency in the team environment. This encouraging yet challenging teamwork atmosphere provides a healthy and constructive drive to achieve the best results, which benefits not only the company, but each team individual as well.

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